Glitter Machine

The gilded arts have carried a message for thousands of years, and it'll carry it for thousands more, until the HolyGeneration discovers the meaning of one life and one love.

The most important artistic material and subject is gold and the face.

Application with a gilder's tip is simple but delicate work. The leaf is beaten thin enough to appear transparent, air movement or any direct handling will destroy it.

Book leaf can be cut by folding the rouge paper to protect the leaf and scoring it with a fingernail. An unpowdered face has enough oil to load the tip by brushing it lightly. Lay the tip on the gold and pull to break it off.

Leaf only needs a small amount of product such as oil to stick to skin. Powder areas to prevent gold from sticking.

Loose skewings can be applied by brush like glitter. Adhesive stencils can be applied for use with spirit gum thinned with everclear.

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