Squecksy logo and identity redesign consultations for sale. Must be awesome and an A cup. Don't inquire in person. Email nudes to creeper@glittermachine.com.
Go now.
Follow THE offical instructions EXACTLY or else.
How to consult a chemist and waste time fading by adding a water soluble non-binder and unglossy earth-pigment-size matting agent to your adhesive paint dye.
Hi! Soak and dry 'er on fun. Gobbledegac 900 ez past L's are like so hot couture 4 eva!
Sold in soft pink to perfect match your 12 pack of white gym socks and suit jacket.
How to balance a rainbow explosion with gray wow color combo inspiration.
Can you afford to look like a million dollars and schmooze art with the high rollers?
Oh. Neat.
Can a man wear a women's extra wide oxford or is there an expressively associative rule?
Are bald women permitted to expose their ankles at the beach?
GAC me to your big goofy cool neck tie, I'm shiny.
How to spend how many hours practice preppin' yo glitter shoes.
Nice, but does it come in size durable and the color loud?
Why would I commission this to fit someone 6'5" with a 26" waist and what would I do with it?
Is white lingerie really sexy?
Are super hotties allowed to wear expensive nail polish and black earrings with a suit on their vacation in Ecuador?

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